you know.. it’s so curious how humans is the only life form on earth that wonders about meaning of life, and the greater universe… it seems like the only thing other life forms seem to care about is reproduction and the propagation of their dnas. Us humans do the same, but at the same time we seek for more, and we believe that we look for more because we are more intelligent. but is that really true? It could be that all other animals and life forms are already enlightened, maybe we know the least of all, that’s why we are trying so hard to explore and invent, thinking ourselves as the smartest.

I have a theory that there is no absolute truth, everything we have come to known as the true is only a relative perception. We are always talking about seeking life in other planets, of course not able to find any so far. But maybe life is all around us and on all planets. We often talk about certain planets don’t have the condition to have life form. It could be true that it doesn’t have life form similar to us, life forms that we can tangibly sense, but it doesn’t rule out the possibility that we are just incapable of sensing them. In some ways I believe in a parallel universe. On Earth itself, there are things or objects that takes up totally different construction, things that the life we know are impossible to sense. maybe earth is just a proton equivalent object in another dimension… or maybe earth itself cease to exist in that universe, the particles of earth actually combine with others to construct a totally different world to them..

I think one of the saddest things in life is leaving it w/o a greater understanding of the universe and beyond.


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