Anne Hathaway

omg… seems like every guy i know is in love with Anne Hathaway!!!??? i totally don’t get it… i think she’s one of those people who’d look really messed up without makeup.. .=P sorry for being so mean… but her facial features are just really unpleasant to me.. unproportional is the word i think.. her features are too masculine . she has huge eyes yes.. but they are droopy… and her lips just looks like it’s inflamed or something.. =P I guess i’m not into exotic beauties… which includes penelope cruz, julia roberts, angelina jolie… except i’m starting to like angelina jolie more these days because she seems like an affectionate mother… and she has a air of elegance and charm about her…


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2 Responses to Anne Hathaway

  1. KungFuRocket says:

    Ewwww.. Anne Hathaway? Really? She looks like a horse… that is, if a horse’s face isn’t even symmetrical…

  2. m0untainmist says:

    lol.. yay! finally someone agrees w/ me =)

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