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Black Swan

you know how there are mydadisafob , mymomisfob websites… i think there should be a “my children can’t speak their native language” site as well…. Cause i say the wrong things in Chinese all the time that cracked my parents … Continue reading

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busy busy busy…

ok.. so this is more like a place holder for things that i’m suppose to write about… 1. black swan 2. lang lang 3. 弦子 Jobs that i’m interested in: – cloud computing – redfin/real estate apps salesforce zappos kpmg … Continue reading

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I am very much annoyed with the circulation of “Why Chinese Mothers are superior” excerpt from amy chua’s book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”. Just because she’s an idiot, doesn’t mean she should drag the rest of the Chinese … Continue reading

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on being hard to read/firing a gun

I don’t get all these people telling me that i’m hard to read… =P  I think they think i’m more complicated than i really am. Maybe because i don’t talk about myself as much, so i seem mysterious. So i … Continue reading

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omg…i hate/suck at interviews.. i should just die in ibm… T.T  ~~~~5555555

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jay chou concert

it was such an unique experience counting down to new year at the concert with Jay Chou. i think the reason why jay is famous is more than his music.. also his attitude… not too gangsta.. but not a goody … Continue reading

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i’ve complained about the chinese movie industry not producing good movies the past few years… but this is a pretty good movie.. it’s always nice when the plot is unexpected.. .and it sort of discusses the issue of killing to … Continue reading

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