jay chou concert

it was such an unique experience counting down to new year at the concert with Jay Chou. i think the reason why jay is famous is more than his music.. also his attitude… not too gangsta.. but not a goody 2 shoe either… i guess the right balance of nerdiness and coolness… i noticed how he’s a lot more talkative these days than when he first came out… but honestly he doesn’t have the voice to make people go “WOW”…. but he does have good singing techniques, and good catchy music. the concert was worth while… but i wish i was sitting closer… don’t know why but it seems like most experiences don’t really leave an impression on me… it was kinda cool at that moment.. but afterward everything just feel like a dream and it all sort of just fade away…. kinda annoys me… skydiving didn’t really leave an impression on me either… i think the most memorable thing would have to be kayaking amongst the icebergs in alaska.. and seeing a bald eagle feeding on a salmon… but even that felt so far away and unreal by now… speaking of alaska.. i hope to see the northern lights some day.


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One Response to jay chou concert

  1. the other Lan says:

    Hey that just means that you need do more memorable things – like Half Dome 😉
    AND seeing the Aurora Borealis is totally on my to-do list, however that takes a lot more planning than seeing a Jay Chou concert or camping trip.

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