I am very much annoyed with the circulation of “Why Chinese Mothers are superior” excerpt from amy chua’s book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”. Just because she’s an idiot, doesn’t mean she should drag the rest of the Chinese mothers down with her. I don’t even understand why that article is so popular, even my neighbor who is ethnically black posted it on facebook?! Is it me, or is it not even well written?! I don’t understand the hype…. I agree with the fact that you need to give your children enough encouragement to try their best before giving up, but to an extreme of verbal and physical punishment? And what is she talking about not allowing her kids to go to sleepovers, or have a playdate? I guess we now know her kids must be asocial hermits who won’t know how to interact with people once they are out in the real world. And if every parent train their kids to be math whizzes and to play violin and piano, what is this world going to come to? We only need so many mathematicians, and piano/violin players. Plus no drama and gym? That means we won’t have any movies watch, and no one would know how to play any sports. Besides, a seemingly successful child, getting straight A’s, winning math competitions, does not guarantee a successful adult. Everything is about balance, one needs to give their children enough room to discover for themselves who they are, and at the same time provide enough structure and principles to guide them in the right direction. If you have no idea what I am talking about, don’t bother looking it up. Last thing i want is to drive more traffic to that article.




so we all found out a few days later, that it was all just marketing… trying to get attention for the book. first off, i’d like to apologize for calling Ms. Tiger mom an idiot =) …. i’m an idiot for believing whatever the media presents… so supposedly Ms. Tiger mom was only poking fun at herself.. and the book is suppose to be a journey of how she realize that she has been wrong… but who knows.. maybe that was a lie too to get people to buy the book. either way.. i don’t care for the book, and whatever it really is doesn’t matter to me. I was just pissed at the fact that the stupid article brought negative light on chinese mothers in general.


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