Black Swan

you know how there are mydadisafob , mymomisfob websites… i think there should be a “my children can’t speak their native language” site as well…. Cause i say the wrong things in Chinese all the time that cracked my parents up.. =P   although it probably won’t get as big since there are less moms and dads on the internet.

ok.. time for the long over due black swan

————– Spoilers contained——————-

My first impression of the movie is that it’s daring, it contained elements that I didn’t expect. The exploration of female sexuality for one.. =P  Some scene were a bit striking to see on a big screen. There’s a fine line between art and porn. Of course the movie is no where near porn, but i just can’t decide if some of those scenes are artistic enough, or slightly cheap.
Another topic was perfection versus death… “I was perfect..” was Nina’s dying  words… It makes me wonder.. If perfection can be achieved, maybe death is not so bad after all. That moment as she’s dying, she was happy… even if that happiness is an illusion, is it worth it? Dying in a happy state seems luring.. Logically speaking… it wasn’t worth it… first of all, her performance wasn’t exactly perfect, she did mess up the white swan part, and it was only one showing… how can she be satisfied with sharing her “perfection” with such a small group. And the other question is, who was she trying to be perfect for? Her mom, Thomas, herself or the world?

The saddest part, i’d say is the mother daughter relationship between Nina and her mom. Her mom is just as psychologically ill as she is. It’s no wonder that Nina turned out this way, her mom is a nutcase as well. will expand later if i feel like it.

The other question is is Thomas’s behaviors acceptable? it was border line sexual harassment, or maybe it was sexual harassment. What made it ambiguous is Nina didn’t seem to mind it, although it did make her uncomfortable. But I think Nina didn’t seem to mind it because she nearly sees him as god, and she was mentally unstable with low self worth. I guess it comes down to if his actions were really simply to ignite her passion to dance the black swan, or if he was taking advantage of her. hmm.. i think either way… it was inappropriate…

I like Lily =)  the girl from that 70’s show. Her acting wasn’t as good as Natalie Portman, but i like her character. Free-willed, strong and she cared for Nina, even though Nina treated her w/ hostility.

Also found out that this director is the same one as requiem for a dream…. will try to check out other movies by him..



i guess in some ways i can relate to Nina… life gets too technical for me, and not enough enjoyment and passion… that’s why i like lily, because that’s the type of person i wish i could be, more free-willed…


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