How to solve information overload

so take techcruch for example…. Great site with many interesting articles, but every day it comes out with ~50 articles, how is any one suppose to have time to read them all, or figure out which ones are of interest.  at the moment, it relies a lot on the social networks… you tend to read articles your friends read….it should somehow learn to send you feeds based on your profile, articles you’ve read previously, and popularity..

Also for news, it would be nice if you have a daily blurb or list of all the important happenings (relevant or of interest to you) currently going on, and you can click on keywords to get to the articles themselves..

i’m still looking for that “my life” page which serves like the breakfast newspaper… a page of summaries you can glance through to get a sense of what’s going on in your life and the world. A lot of sites tries to do this personalized page thing like iGoogle, my yahoo…. etc.. but they just don’t quite cut it… or have i just not given them enough try?


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