maintaining relationships

I’ve decided that i should take a more active part in maintaining relationships. That means actively reach out to people to meet up and catch up with their lives periodically. A physical meet up would be ideal… but email/phone/im/text/fb message would work as well.. Just thinking about it sounds like a lot of work…  (well ok.. maybe not work.. but it takes energy.. =P, but at the same time i know it will be fun.) I guess if it’s like once per 6 months or something for every person/group, (and of course that’s in additional to whatever normal meetups i already have), it won’t be so bad.  hmm… but i don’t really know what the motivation is…. or if it’s worth it…  just feel like that’s the right thing to do, instead of always letting other people reach out to me first… I guess I don’t really want people to fade away from my life, nor do i want me to fade away from theirs. I’ve always said that it’s the people i care about, and it’s the people around you that makes life meaningful… so i guess if i truly believe in that… it doesn’t make sense the thing that i have the most contact w/ is my computer.. >.<


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