wth???!!! 想气死我吗? he better not come back alive in the 2nd series.. =P i knew it was coming…. no series will leave 15 minutes of airtime for a happy ending… but still seeing it really happening was unpleasant… 又一个虎头蛇尾的电视剧。。。不过比痞子英雄好些,痞子英雄也太扯了。。。well.. not gonna watch the 2nd series, maybe will just go read up on summaries…. i guess the series started w/ romance, and ends with romance, then with action in between.. kinda strange.. but it’s a k-drama… they work romance into everything, and somehow one of the main characters had to die. I wanted to watch it for the main actress, but her character is kinda bland… so it ends up that it wasn’t the main characters i like, but the 3 sidekicks 思宇,善华, 朴哲荣… only interesting thing about this is the south/north Korea reunification theme… and i liked how they didn’t try to make either side the villain, but rather a 3rd black hand, Iris. and even in the end, it wasn’t really clear what Iris is about, and what grand plans they are up to.. just to keep north and south from unifying?? whatever… i think this is one of those series that can be watched then forgotten…

only thing worth thinking about was a comment, “we will let him live, and make him pay for his deeds such that he’s more miserable than he’s dead”… XD kinda retarded in its context.. but it’s something i’ve thought about before… is there anything worse than death? i think theoretically no, with the premise that life is all we have. I think what makes living worse than death is if there is no hope… and that’s why people suicide… but it’s only truly hopeless if you’re dead… as long as you’re alive there is some hope, no matter how small…

oh and back to the romance part of the series… i found 善华’s love for 贤俊, and 朴哲荣 unspoken love for 善华 a lot more appealing and interesting than the relationship between the 2 main characters.


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