why i don’t believe

so another piece of memory popped back in my mind today for some reason… i’ve had several encounters with Christianity, and here’s one of them…

It was back in middle school, and I went with my cousin to a Friday night bible study at a priest’s house. As a new comer, the priest especially prayed for/with me to invite God into my heart. So there we were, priest and I, standing in the middle of the room with everyone else sitting in a circle around us… I was nervous, so my cousin came and stood next to me. The priest raised one hand in the air, and rest the other hand on my head, and we all closed our eyes. The prayer felt like it lasted forever, but maybe it was only for 5 minutes. Throughout the whole thing, I griped my cousin’s hand so hard that I think I almost broke it. Finally it ended, and we said “amen”. The priest opened his eyes and said to me, “wow! did you feel God’s presence?  I felt the amazing force he generated between us, and you were wobbling.” I gave him a blank stare, followed by an awkward smile, lowered my head and asked for the restroom. (XD no.. I didn’t need to pee…. ) In the restroom, I gave myself a total wipe down of face, neck and arm…. in those 5 long minutes.. the priest had spit on me nonstop while he spoke…. He felt the presence of God because I was trying to pull away from his bad breath and dodge from his spit……

so yes! I don’t believe because a priest spat on me!! XD


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