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My bucket list… XD

_/ Skydiving _/ Horseback riding (thank you for making that happen 😉 ) _/ Spelunking/Zip-lining 07/2012 _ Surfing _ Scuba Diving/Snorkeling _/ Rafting _/ Fire a gun _ Trapeze _/ Hang gliding (5/21 KC, LA, V) _ Paragliding _ Parasailing … Continue reading

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Was cleaning up my desktop (somewhat), and found this translation I did of a chinese song… I think i meant to post it a while back.. but forgot it.. it’s for one of my favorite songs a few months ago. … Continue reading

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code gease

Leluch… baka desu yo! T.T but i don’t think he really died… C.C. must have saved him right? she needs him alive so she can die… in conclusion…. this anime says the world is full of misunderstandings… in reality everyone … Continue reading

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ok.. this is getting old.. .probably been reposted many many times.. but i like the poem a lot too… XD 这感觉很好,无欲无求,单纯得存在着。。。 a state of being, without influence.. 平淡但powerful… although it sounds like a religious poem… 班扎古鲁白玛的沉默 – 扎西拉姆·多多 你见,或者不见我 我就在那里 … Continue reading

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