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Leluch… baka desu yo! T.T but i don’t think he really died… C.C. must have saved him right? she needs him alive so she can die…

in conclusion…. this anime says the world is full of misunderstandings… in reality everyone wants the same thing, but somehow becomes enemies due to misunderstandings….. XD in some ways it’s kinda silly… every single one of the characters in there is somewhat retarded… they are pretty selfish, naive, yet think of themselves as righteous and acting for the better good. a better world comes with a sacrifice that great… total B.S. i feel like i should like this anime.. but i don’t.. arg… it just doesn’t make sense…

edit: i appreciate the twist and turns, and setting Leluch up to be this great martyr and all.. it was somewhat touching…but it’s all just so forced… and either way… a lot of people died because of him.. whatever he does is not going to make it up.. and nanalie… such a spoiled brat… anyways.. i’m mad at all characters in this anime… the only characters i can say i kinda like are Lloyd (crazy scientist) and Cecile (his assistant)… i guess i tend to like the seemingly light hearted, don’t give a sh*t characters in animes… at least Lloyd is able to admit that he is selfish and “evil” (although i think it’s an act, he’s probably really kind deep down)… but in reality, he’s the only person in the anime that didn’t really hurt anyone.. Cecile is the same way, she doesn’t seem to play a big part, but she’s always looking after Suzaku and Lloyd…. and I dislike Suzaku very very much… another one of those oh, I am a saint, I’m willing to sacrifice myself for the greater good, everything i do is righteous jerk… and in reality his stupidity and stubbornness probably kill more people than any one else..


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