My bucket list… XD

_/ Skydiving
_/ Horseback riding (thank you for making that happen 😉 )
_/ Spelunking/Zip-lining 07/2012
_ Surfing
_ Scuba Diving/Snorkeling
_/ Rafting
_/ Fire a gun
_ Trapeze
_/ Hang gliding (5/21 KC, LA, V)
_ Paragliding
_ Parasailing
_/ Fly a plane 2011
_ Drive a stick-shift car
_/ Hike half dome
_ Write a book (any kind.. XD )
_ Travel around the world (kinda vague, so let’s say visit each continent at least once for now =P )
_ Carving a double diamond with ease on snowboard
_ Be a capable swimmer
_ Ride on a hot air balloon
_ Jet ski (that’s a trivial one.. =P )
_ Fly to space (that’s a very iffy one.. depending on how advanced or common space technology gets in my life time…)

… more to come


About m0untainmist

I'm awesome ;-) j/k...
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One Response to My bucket list… XD

  1. KungFuRocket says:

    Nice! OK well now I feel compelled to make my own list >.> It makes me feel old….

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