Work place alert XD

I think i’d be excited seeing a mountain lion…. i should drive in to look for them… but maybe not a good idea.. =P

Subject: Mountain Lion Awareness
Date: Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Impact on Site: SVL Security has received several reports of mountain lion sightings in the foothills northeast of the parcourse/recreation center. The Department of Fish and Game has been notified of the sighting. Please take necessary precautions and try to avoid the area completely.

Anyone who sees a mountain lion is advised not to approach it. If confronted by the lion, it’s best to face the animal, make noise, try to look bigger, and throw rocks or other objects to scare it off,

If you spot a mountain lion, awareness of a mountain lion’s proximity to you, and its behavior, may save you from a potentially dangerous situation if you are prepared to respond appropriately.

The county also recommends preventing encounters by avoiding hiking, jogging, or biking at dawn, dusk and night.

Please see below for detailed advise on what to do:

If you see a mountain lion:

-100 yards away or more that is unattentive to you;
* Avoid rapid movements, running, loud, excited talk
* Stay in groups
* Probability of risk is slight, provided your response is appropriate.

-50 yards away with its ears up and attentive to you;
* Do not turn your back
* Look for sticks, rocks or other weapons and keep them at hand
* Watch the cat at all times
* Probability of attack is slight, given proper response.

-Less than 50 yards away, staring intensely at you, or hiding;
* All of the above steps
* Seek a safer location, or one above the lion, if available
* Do not run
* Appear larger: raise arms, objects, or jackets above your head
* Prepare to defend yourself
* Probability of attack is substantial

-Intensely staring, crouching and/or creeping toward you;
* Take all the above actions
* Moving slowly, position trees, boulders or other large objects between yourself and the lion
* Do not lose sight of the lion
* Show your teeth
* Make loud, menacing sounds, like yelling and growling
* Throw things if the lion is close enough to hit
* Use lethal weapons if you have them
* Pepper spray may be effective if lion is downwind and close enough
* Probability of risk is serious if within 200 yards

-Poised to attack;
* Prepare to defend yourself in close combat
* Fight back
* Make menacing noises
* Keep eye contact with the cat
* Act aggressively toward the lion
* Use a stick to charge the lion, thrusting the stick toward its face
* No stick? Yell loud and run toward the lion with arms high
* Stay beyond striking distance of its paws


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