Funny Quotes from That 70’s Show

donna’s mom: women have to appear weak and fragile so men feel superior

hyde: dating is prostitution, except you don’t always get what you pay for

donna: i love you eric
eric: *looking shocked* i love.. cake…

eric:  funny thing about love.. haha.. is uh.. sometimes we express it in a physical way
bob: you better not say what i think you’re gonna say. cause i’ll be amad. and funny thing about mad.. haha.. is.. sometimes.. i express it in a physical way

red: i’m not loving anybody i’m legally not required to
red: when my time comes, i wanna be burried face down, so that any one who doesn’t like me… can kiss my ass

red: see no one told you about the 3 rings of marriage. the engagement ring, the wedding ring, the suffering

donna: the boys like to play fight because secretly they all want to touch each other..

When Eric started roller disco secretly and lied and said he’s studying spanish
donna: he’s just concious cause he can’t roll his r’s
fez: oh, he’s rolling his ass off alright
donna: so what’s going on fez, is there another woman?
fez: yes, and it’s eric

eric: i just don’t want to wake up in 5 years and hate my life
red: that’s inevitable

fez: ah, you play hard to get, i play hard to get rid of

and found out Fez = Fes = Foreign Exchange Student

red: i don’t care where i live, as long as i’m with you. I love you
kitty: oh Red… i love you too..
red: i was talking to the tickets (to packers games)

** that’s it for now.. =P more to add in the future…


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