Why do people dislike Nickelback? ZT

I have no idea why people hate Nickelback so much either. It’s not like I’m a huge fan or anything, but i do like a handful of their songs. It’s weird, I didn’t really pay much attention to them before, and didn’t even know what they looked like. But did a bit more digging around today since lately I’ve noticed a lot of people dislike them. So I guess the complain is generic songs with bad lyric sang with a coarse voice. I haven’t really paid attention to their lyrics much, so I can’t say if they are crap or not, but don’t most music these days got bad lyric.. if you’re not complaining about the demeaning cheap hiphop lyrics, why should you complain about Nickelback? And their songs don’t sound all that alike, it probably only sound alike because he’s got a really distinct voice. And about the coarse voice, that’s a personal preference, if that voice really annoys you, then that’s fair… but you can’t label them as a bad band just b/c of it. and I actually like that coarse voice.. XD it’s got that yelling feel to it w/o sounding too harsh like heavy metal.. and what’s appealing about a yelling voice is it helps to elicit and release emotions and stress… I think he’s got a good voice, he sings that way by choice, because his talking voice is totally different. A lot of rock band lead singers sound wimpy, and tone deaf, and yet no one complains… anyways, whoever wrote the following article takes on a pretty impartial view i think.

Why do people dislike Nickelback?

It’s no secret to everyone on this forum that Nickelback is widely considered the worst band ever. I’ve seen people compare their music to raw sewage, as if their ears literally started bleeding once they started listening.I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but these critics are unbelievably, universally negative against Nickelback, more than just about any other group. While I believe Nickelback is not a GREAT band, I feel that people are simply overreacting. I’m aware of all of the common problems people have with this group: Songs are too similar to one another, lyrics are very cliched and obvious, the music is far too commercial for specialized tastes and has no artistic desire whatsoever.

I’m going to take a stand here and say that Nickelback is really not that bad. In some ways, Nickelback is a modern incarnation of those popular FM radio bands of the late 1970s-early 80s, such as Journey and Foreigner: boilerplate, meat-and-potatoes, moderately heavy rock music designed to appeal to the broadest audience possible. Yet those bands are very fondly remembered by people who grew up listening to them on the radio, and some of the critics bashing Nickelback today are probably among that group.

Like those bands, Nickelback is generic, to be sure, but that does not make them bad. I actually feel that Nickelback does a competent job at their craft, creating catchy ballads and rockers that are fun to listen to and sing along with. Personally, there’s actually WORSE stuff on the radio in my opinion, so I don’t mind having Nickelback in the upper echelon of my radio prefrences.

Nickelback does not care what the critics say. They never aspired to artistic notions, and I’m perfectly OK with that.
Not every piece of music must be a stunning, substantial masterwork. Sometimes, people just want to enjoy music in the simplest way possible, and that’s the opportunity Nickelback affords casual listeners.
In a way, Nickelback is like the musical equivalent of any fast-food restaurant you care to mention: It’s not gourmet, but it’s aware of that and it ends up filling your gut every time. At least in my case.


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