Game of Thrones

superb drama series, but could do w/o so much nudity and violence.. but then i guess those are a plus for some people… I just need to remember not to eat and watch it at the same time…

one more episode of season 1 left… i don’t really care if i watch the later season, but i definitely want to read those book… but season 1 ended w/ lots of deaths..and there were many good quotes from it that i wish i had captured…

just some quick comments since i need to get back to work..


The season concludes with unworthy deaths of all the big shots:
– King Robert killed by a boar
– Ned Stark died an dishonnorable death labeled as a traitor in an feable attempt to save his daughters… i suppose the daughters are saved temporarily at least, but he was deceived. And really it was not meant for him to die, all because of a spoiled silly boy trying to be king.
– Drogo died from a cut

and lady stark! Such a strong character, had to hold it all together for her song and the kingdom despite the unbearable sorrow

Sansa you ignorant/vain fool, but then again, she’s only a 13 year old girl


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