A new day…

Today marks the beginning of a new journey… after 5 long years with ibm, I finally moved on. IBM is great, don’t get me wrong… but at this point in my life, i needed something different…. and like always life is ironic… on my quest of finding new opportunities, i was avoiding looking for things in SF, but it ends up that i have to work in SF for the rest of the year, or maybe more… but despite the long commute, I had fun today… it feels good to eat lunch w/ people, good company+ good food + nice view = good day… just that now my day starts super early, and i barely have any evening left… i guess no more luxury of sleeping in… but it wasn’t like i got to sleep in that much w/ ibm either… w/ the crazy 5am or 6am calls sometimes.. =P  I have and wanted to write more.. but no time.. already pass bedtime, and still need to do some prep work for work…

Saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes over the weekend! =D excellent movie!! I thought the trailer looked interesting, but was expecting it to be more resident evil or something.. but it was so much more! =D  it’s about compassion, leadership, father-son (ape) relationship and animal rights… XD ok that’s it… gotta go.. but yeah.. it’s another movie that made me cry….

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