Mac versus pc

I’ve been wanting to try a Mac, and I got a Mac from work! =D it was difficult to navigate around the first few hours, but after getting used to the command key and configuring the track pad for right click and navigation,scrolling, it’s awesome!

1. Awesome battery power, it lasts for 5 hours!! isn’t that amazing… thinkpad and toshiba. i’ve used in the past lasts max 3 hours and that’s with extended battery.
2. visually appealing
3. Spotlight, the best local search ever! i’m surprised how fast it is. windows search has complicated filter, and takes forever to search, and can never find what you’re looking for. with spotlight you can search anything from files to programs
4.  it’s fast! i’m amazed by how fast things load, and how fast you can switch from program to program even when you have many things open. i haven’t run into the case where it hangs on me yet! but maybe that’s b/c it’s 64 bit.
5. terminal very similar to unix systems, a plus for developers… window command line was hard to use
6. super quiet

1. Heavy, but that’s b/c i have a macbook pro
2. Finder sucks, i don’t like navigating with it, i think the window tree structure was better, not the best, but better, but spotlight made up for it.
3. The dock is a bit confusing, with open files/programs, versus shortcuts all ran together..
4. trackpad click sucks…. i seriously think they re trying to break your fingers… but i guess you don’t want it too sensitive, otherwise you might click accidentally, luckily the trackpad tapping configuration made up for it.
5. heat!! no way you can put a mac laptop on your lap… unless you want to get burned


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