Rise of the Planet Apes

Didn’t really have time to write more about the movie last time. But what I really like about the movie is actually the sub-plot. Relationship between Will and his dad, and his motivation for experimenting with the virus… I think one of the hardest things in life is to see people around you slip away…. i’ve been dreading it ever since the passing of my grandpa… it’s painful and it’s inevitable…. the so called circle of life. there’s a quote from “The wild parrots of the telgraph hills”, life is like a waterfall, we all start as one, then for the few seconds leaving the edge till reuniting at the bottom, we’re separated into water drops, and those few seconds is our individual lives. So really you have nothing to lose with the ending of your life, but everything to gain, because you’re rejoined as one with nature, matter, and universe…. it does make me wonder, I used to think nothing is worse than death, because it’s an end that leads to nothingness… being alive, no matter in what condition has at least hope. Now, I think if I ever got to a point where I can’t take care of myself at all any more, and i bring more pain than joy to people around me, I would choose to leave…. in chinese saying… “long pain < short pain”… meaning it’s better to experience short sharp pain than prolonged dulled pain. Rather than having people suffer w/ me, maybe it’s better for them to deal w/ one single event of death.


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