The pacifier

i think if I’m allowed only one word to describe me, it would be that i’m a pacifier. Not that i don’t care about power, fortune, wealth or fame, it’s just that keeping peace is at the top of my priorities, and everything else is secondary. A friend called me fake recently for not letting my friends know how i truly feel. fine, let me tell you how i truly feel, I’m hurt that you consider me fake. Who are you to judge without truly knowing who i am, how i feel or what i’ve been through. I think you’re a great person too, and I honestly do admire your openness. In some ways you are right, one should be open and honest about their feelings and help each other grow in friendship, or any relationships. I definitely need to be more open about my feelings, but I don’t think I’m fake. If asked and confronted, I do share how i feel under the condition that no other feelings are hurt, i just don’t volunteeringly say what’s on my mind, again to keep peace. I appreciate your honestly, and your comments did prompt me for some self-reflection, but I hope you know where i’m coming from. I will try and have been trying to be more open with my feelings, but it does not come easy for me.

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I'm awesome ;-) j/k...
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