the ultimate question

is the universe truly infinite? this place we call world, why are we all here? or do we only think we’re here….  why are we here pondering about it all… why don’t the other living things care.  if we really are just here by chance and probability… why does it all matter? maybe the world as we know it is only from our senses… we are really nothing but plasma and wavelengths that construes ourselves as beings… so strange…. i wish i know the answer to all these before i die… or maybe we all will know “the truth” once we die


i probably made no sense above.. but that’s ok.. XD  got to think about it cause i was thinking about how there is really no such thing as perfection, eternity, and infinite.. those are only ideas… but then i realize.. the universe could be infinite and eternal…. and possibly perfect…


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I'm awesome ;-) j/k...
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