stay with me
in this dark chasm
    the world outside is much more exciting
    filled with flying creatures and vibrant flowers
we see the majestic eagles soaring above us
    i’d much rather soar with them
we see towering trees
    much rather climb them
you’re leaving me all alone in the dark
    come with me, together we will explore
here is where i belong


    the world outside was beautiful
    but i couldn’t enjoy the soft breeze on my face
    i couldn’t enjoy the fresh smell of the leaves
    all i could think about was you

    i’ve came back for you
    but where are you

    now i am alone in this chasm
    the darkness slowly eating me away
    soon I will become one with it
    without the excitement, without the world, without you


About m0untainmist

I'm awesome ;-) j/k...
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