quotes from BA

regarding missing requirement in mockup
BA: Please use your best judgement

regarding bad confusing design
Dev: this is bad design, it doesn’t work
BA: it looks good on mockup
Dev: it’s inconstant across pages
BA: *shrug* that’s how we want it
Dev: it’s going to involve convoluted coding and it’s bad user experience
BA: that’s fine

regarding bug fixes
BA: is this hard to fix?
Dev: yes
BA: ok, then don’t do it

Regarding missing mockup
Dev: ok, i’ll try my best to match the look and feel to the rest of the comps. no last minute mockups showing up right? haha
BA: not till u finish doing the work 😀
Dev: lol.. excellent
BA: u know how we work

BA: business analyst, guy giving the requirement
mockup: pictures of what we’re suppose to implement verbatim

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