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Just discovered that I have a whole bunch of drafts i wrote up that i forgot to publish.. and here’s one of them… this is from last summer sometime.. =P

for some reason (probably because there are a lot of religious people around me) I go to Church events a lot, despite the fact that i’m a agnostic atheist.. =P

Was helping out at my cousin’s church’s kids conference last weekend, and it was really fun, the kids were adorable.   I was in charge of 9 four year olds with another person. I don’t think there were enough of us to pass around. The kids were so energetic… It’s cute that every one of them had a different personality. A few of them stood out in particular

1. Benjamine, definitely has leadership qualities, but soooo impatient. But he’s such a good boy though, he actually does try to follow orders, but gets excited and forgets the next moment.

2. Jon, somewhat anti-social… somehow he’s always sulking and standing away from the other kids. Whenever I ask him to join, he’d say “no!” crossly.. but i know secretly he wanted to be a part of everyone else. Eventually, he would slowly make his way to sit with the others. It was interesting to watch him in the ball picking game.. (A a whole bunch of balls is scattered, and the kids are asked to pick them up by color) When all the balls are scattered, Jon would purposely run away and stand in the corner and observe everyone running and yelling to grab the different color balls.

3. a 2 year old from another group… the most darling little girl, with huge eyes. She looks like an adorable doll… she has such a good temperament… after she made a train track, a little boy came and took it away from her, and she didn’t react at all. She simple went to the bin and picked out more pieces to work on her next train track. Then another time she came over to me w/ a toddler book and started pointing to me and asking me “这是什么?” (What’s this?) in the cutest voice. And she’d repeat back the words. she knows things like 气球,兔宝宝..

And this is more of a personal thing, but in the bible adventures session (two woman was acting out a story from the bible), the characters said “Back in the days people can have 2 wives” and “I’m ashamed because I have no children”. I’m not sure if those are the right message to be sending to the kids. =P  It’s good to let the kids know that they are gift from God, and treasured, but doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with people who can’t/don’t have kids. But it’s not a big deal, the kids probably didn’t pay much attention to it. I feel bad saying this, but a lot of times, people who partake heavily in church events are ignorant housewives.. they have blind faith, but no real understanding of what it really means to be moral and virtuous… but i guess no one really knows…


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