another forgotten draft… but just about something silly



i’ve been seeing rawr used a lot lately… besides knowing that it’s just a fun sound to make, i was wondering if it meant anything special.. and here’s what urban dictionary says..

1. Rawr 4524 up, 500 down
A word that means “I Love You” in dinosaur.
-asteroid comes and kills them all-
2. rawr 2114 up, 556 down
A primitive sound used to represent a personal feeling. Due to the generic and modular nature of the word, the actual implied meaning varies from person to person.
“RAWR! I am a lion, fear me!”
by josh taylor Nov 1, 2004 share this
3. rawr 1585 up, 708 down
more sexually oriented version of the word “roar”
Girl: Boy, you are so sexy
Boy: Rawr!
by pj azzy May 22, 2003 share this
4. rawr 758 up, 103 down
In dinosaur, the way of saying, “Hey. You there. Yes, you good sir. I wanted to afford you the courtesy of letting you know that I’m about to eat you. Quite right, eh?”.

Human: Ahhhhhh! That T- Rex is going to eat us!

T- Rex: RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. rawr 1157 up, 600 down
the cool way to say “roar”
Me: i just pwned you…RAWR!
by jiff Apr 11, 2005 share this
6. rawr 511 up, 150 down
dinosaur for i love you.
Girl: Rawr.
Boy: I love you too.
7. rawr 571 up, 334 down

A word common to “roar”

Used to playfully describe a roaring noise

Rawr! I’m a big scary monster!

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