was watching a video on TED today, and it was thought provoking… with the hectic life, i have forgotten my interest in astrology…. it’s amazing how grand the universe or the multiverse is compared to our little lives….whatever we are able to observe today is already limited… it’s quite mind blowing at the end of the video when the speaker mentioned since the universe is expanding, and the other galaxies are accelerating away from us, there will be a day when the speed of them moving away from us is faster than speed of light, which means we won’t be able to detect them at all, in which future astrologists might conclude that the universe is static (if the human kind exist that long to observe it). so it makes me wonder what can’t we observe today that could totally overturn our theories about the universe.  so maybe the universe is still expanding from the explosion from the big bang, but one of these days it will be so spread out that things would slow down and energy would dissipate… whatever we are observing currently is just such a tiny slit in time that it’s almost just a snapshot…. it also makes me think that our chance of finding our type of life else where is not very probable…. there are so many conditions that had to be fulfilled… i.e. need to be a certain distant from the sun, the dark energy needs to be at a certain level…. that is not to say there are no intelligible beings anywhere… just that they could be in a different dimension which we would have no way of sensing or even comprehending..

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pencil sketching/water color/oil painting

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