East versus West

Don’t know if there will ever be a day when the East and West within me will be at peace…
the East side of me is more logical, wants security and do what makes sense…. West side of me is more romantic and individualistic

So for example, career wise…

The East side of me tells myself I’m in a good field. Enterprise Middleware is a niche market with limited talents. Since I’ve came to be in this field by chance, I should try my best to be an expert in this. It’s a good field for economic security, and good for my career.

The West side of me wants to “find” myself, do what I’m truly passionate about, and good at. It tells me that if I don’t do what my heart dessires, I would never be truly excel at it. The East side of me however doubts if there really is something that’s right for me, and is not willing to take the risk of loosing something sure for an empty dream.


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I'm awesome ;-) j/k...
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