random rambling of a web dev

read at your own discretion… not sure if it’s gonna provide much value… sorta wrote this in a hurry and just letting thoughts flow so things probably don’t make sense…


The tech world moves so fast that it’s a pain trying to keep up with it. there is always a question of what’s the latest, best technology. You never know when something new starts catching on. Hopefully whatever that’s hot is because it is good, not because people are blind followers. But back to the point. It’s frustrating that standards, technology are changing everyday, there are abstractions on top of abstractions. It’s great that someone somewhere is always trying to come up with the next best thing, but it feels like you’ve just sat and warmed up the seat at a movie theater and someone in another theater yells and say it’s playing a better movie. So you’re always scrambling from room to room, and end up not really watching any movies at all. i guess this is more of a complaint since i don’t have a solution for it. You can’t be an expert at anything these days, you can only be an expert of picking up new things.

A lot of times we are caught between using new standards and technology versus supporting legacy applications. For example, the html5/css3 standards started back in 2004 and it’s still not finalized. People had been however trying to jump on the bandwagon. Trouble is not all features are supported by all the browsers, and what’s even worse, some legacy browsers doesn’t support html4 that well even. So there is a tug between using the latest and greatest, versus supporting old browsers. There was one ridiculous situation at work. We had to support ie6 because our users are on workstations that have ie6 installed; they only use ie6 as their browser because one of the legacy apps only run on ie6. That one single ie6 app causes the entire company needing to support ie6 in all of their apps. A solution to this could be a move towards natural language programing, that way there is no need to worry about underline technology, compilers can compile the programming to use legacy or new standards. This however sort of eliminates the need for programmers. Anyone can create an application then. And programmers might just start working in the background wiring the natural language code to backend technology and standards. With restful services, we might be close… all we need is the url, and maybe some config options… This allows users to plug and play components.

I’m surprised that something like dreamweaver did not really taken off… or is it just in a different domain used by different people. Honestly as a developer I don’t like dreamweaver because it produces crappy code, but I’d image as a designer it would be totally sweet. Only if there is a light weight version of it that can be used to produce clean html mockup code.

On a side note, I found an interesting phenomenon… a lot more people don’t type to the home row standard. I guess for computer users who started really young, they’ve picked up typing skills on their own without really going through the official typing classes. Just like how many Chinese kids don’t know how to hold chopsticks properly. I think typing to homerow versus not if muscle memory versus visual. For me, a homerow typist, I need my fingers to tell you what the keyboard looks like… in theory muscle memory should be quicker cause it’s instinctual? no idea, but then you’re also restricted by the physical limitations.


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