My favorite anime characters

Maes Hughs (Full Metal Alchemist)
Such a family man. Love it every time he pulls out picture of his daughter and start bragging about her to others. Although he acts goofy and silly all the time, he is a man of integrity, good heart, and willing to sacrifice himself for others.

Vash the Stampede (Trigun)
Another very humorous character. Also a guy who seems to be carefree, but deep down have a great sense of mission to do good for the world.

Shikamaru (Naruto)
Yes, I like smart guys… XD  But more importantly the fact that he appears to don’t give a shit about anything, but deep down he cares a lot about people around him and his village. He’s dependable, good at strategies and is a great leader.

Akira Sendoh (Slam Dunk)
He’s always happy and easy going. Even though he’s super talented, he’s still humble, and not competitive and aloof like the others. He has the big  brother aura about him and takes care of everyone.

Bugs Bunny (Looney Toones)
Cause he’s smart, shrew and funny!!! not quite anime, but i guess related… =P

Gaara (Naruto)
Appeals to the emo side of me. Appears aloof and don’t give a shit, but is in reality more kind than anyone else.

Psychduck (Pokemon)
Because it’s cute and “dumb”, and has psychic powers!

Meowth (Pokemon)
A super cute villain, and the only Pokemon that talks! =D and it’s a Cat!

Asumi (Twin Spica)
A hard working, kind hearted girl. My only complain is she’s too goody-2-shoe and perfect, makes her hard to relate to.

Lion-san (Twin Spica)
A man of love, and also another character that uses humor to cover up his pains. A protector of Asumi.

Kakashi (Naruto)
Almost didn’t want to list him cause I’m sure he’s everyone’s favorite. =P  A cool, powerful, funny, mysterious ninjia, what’s not to like about him?

P-chan (Ranma 1/2)
Because he’s always lost and mad. He’s cute when he is mad, and I totally relate to his lack of sense of direction

Honorable mention: Hinata (Naruto)
Just because I sorta feel close to her in personality.. but I don’t like the fact that she appears weak sometimes, but that’s the writer’s fault not giving her a bigger role.


Sasuke (Naruto)
dudeeee…. get over yourself okay??? you’re not the only victim in the world… He acts as if the entire world owes him. I like his brother Hitachi much better… His entire life is lived out on a lie. And the fact that so many people like him makes me dislike him more.

Sakura (Naruto)
Because she’s ugly and acts all strong but is very vulnerable…. Mostly i don’t like her for liking Sasuke… However, I’d never forget that scene where she begged Sasuke not to leave the village, and if anything take her with him… it was heartbreaking… but these two deserve each other… perfect SM couple… XD

Serena (Sailor Moon)
She is sooo annoy… a dumb ditzy girl…. and it doesn’t even make sense either why sailor moon is the main character.. Moon is only a moon to Earth, while Mercury, Pluto, Mars are actual planets…..

Tweety Bird (Looney Toones)
Acts all sweet and cute, but in reality super mean!!!!!!

Hello Kitty (San Rios)
I guess this is just a character, but there is a dumb serie of cartoons with it. I love cats, but hello kitty is definitely not a cat…. it’s a over rated cute-wanna-be, but i-don’t-know-what-the-heck-it-is character that has no personality nor is it that cute… it’s just pink…. and the only purpose for its existence is to sell a bunch of useless merchandise to a bunch of dumb consumers, with someone out there probably gloating and counting their cash


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