(another draft found unpublished from before)

Humans are such complex beings. “Each of the 1011 (one hundred billion) neurons has on average 7,000 synaptic connections to other neurons”.  With that many different potential connections, we could share the same world but could have total different perception of it. We are all so similar yet different in so many ways. On the topic of communicating effectively, is that really possible? human being are vulnerable, we want to be accepted and understood, scared of being scrutinized and disliked. habit 5 says to seek to understand before being understood. That truly is one time consuming task… who has the time to communicate that way? I suppose things like that can’t be executed with perfection, one can only try to practice it more. I think i failed in that habit today.
the saying goes it’s ok to make mistakes, because you learn from your mistakes, and “failure is the mother of success”. But what if you can’t afford to make the mistake. Would you rather live a calm life avoiding mistakes but also missing out on potential exhilarating experiences; or would you rather strive to live an exciting life at the expense of losing it prematurely? I guess that’s personal preference everyone has to set for themselves.


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