Gone with the Wind (part 3) ramblings

After more than 2 years, I’ve finally finished Gone with the Wind. I guess these days once i put a book down, it’s hard to remember to get back to it. I blame the internet.

(bear with me.. I’m not even going to bother edit or structure this… just gonna let the thoughts flow)
Anyways I read the whole book hating Scarlette… but in the end there’s nothing but pity for her… just like Rhett…. i guess she got what she deserved… but that’s also a harsh thing to say… she’s not exactly a villain… just awfully self-centered and without values… Throughout the book I questioned whether she really loved Ashley… i was fooled and truly believed she did for all that she’s done for him… until the end when she finally realized and admitted that she loved an image of Ashley she created in her mind, and she loved him because he’s something she couldn’t attain… I guess that’s still a form of love.. she just didn’t love him for who he truly is. Melony is really the only likable person in the book, she did almost no wrong throughout the whole book. She did not question Scarlette’s intentions, was only grateful for all that she’s done for her family. She stood by Scarlette till the the last moment, a true friend…. but then you can ask… does Melony really love Scarlette, or is she just fooled and also had her own image of Scarlette in her mind? But i think not…. i believe Melony knew all along why Scarlette kept helping her and her family… she knows about Ashley and Scarlette…. but she’s able to see past what they weren’t able to see themselves… she knows what’s between scarlette and ashley is purely infactuation, and ashley really loved her.  I started out liking ashley a lot… such a gentleman, intelligent, classy, handsome and kind…. but as the book went on… you realize how much of a coward and useless person he is… and he’s such a hypocrite… and he doesn’t even know his own feelings…. he lusts after Scarlett, and thinks himself righteous for staying chaste and faithful to melony…. it was wrong of him to lead scarlette on… but then who is to judge… i guess there is nothing really wrong with visiting someone you find attractive more often… and poor Rhett…. i have no idea what he sees in scarlette…. maybe he feels like he could relate to her… he feels like he’s been where she’s been and he wants to protect her… but her value system is totally off from his… he understands the need to fulfill people soulfully and physically… but scarlette’s main concern is the physical well being of herself and the people she “rules” over…. She’s self centered but she’s not selfish…. for she did not turn away whoever stayed at tara… she made sure everyone was fed…. it’s such a pity between rhett and scarlette… can’t believe two people who loved each other would wind up this way…. i guess it’s a lack of communication…. and insecurity from both parts… Rhett afraid of Scarlette holding his love for her over him… and scarlette always waiting for Rhett to back down first.. it was a struggle for emotional power over the other… they end up hurting each other and brewed up a ton of misunderstandings…

besides the romance… i love the historical significance of this book… not sure how accurate it is.. i hope it’s more or less historically accurate… one thing I’m confused about is the southerners/confederate are the democrats… and northerners/Yankees are known as the republicans…. i thought it would be the other way around… at least it’s the other way around this day and age…


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