on being hard to read

why do i feel like i’ve blogged about this already… oh well… if i did.. i guess topic revisited… hope it at least has some new insight to add



I’ve been told that I’m hard to read on occasion. But that’s not true at all; I’m pretty open booked. Just because I’m not a audio book like some people on auto play all the time telling you what you want to know and what you don’t want to know, doesn’t mean I’m hard to read. I’m more of a traditional hardcover bound book with a plain cover. Most people don’t bother picking it up and flip through the pages. They either think the book doesn’t want to be read since it has no glamorous marketing cover, or it doesn’t give them enough things on the surface to spark that initial interest, or they are just too lazy to make the slight extra effort of picking it up and opening it.


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