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I wish sometime I could just think a blog instead of write a blog… cause i think about what to write on my blog all the time, but never get around to doing it…. if you could have your cellphone hooked up to your thoughts somehow, and just record those thoughts and post on wordpress automatically that would be awesome… but anyways… here are the 3 blogs i’ve been thinking about writing..

1. damn.. i have already forgotten the first thing I wanted to blog about… that’s why i’m writing the blog post, because i know i’d forget about them soon….

2. the concept of random and calculablility. as we all know… it’s impossible for a computer program of this day to generate a true random, it’s usually some complicated algorithm. So that go me thinking, is there a real random in life? It’s probably just a calculation down to the infinitely precise calculation… so for example.. the way the coin was made (one side heavier), the habit of your toss, wind factor, your condition at the moment of the toss… etc… if we have all the factors, then we can calculate precisely if your next coin toss is going to be heads or tails, it’s no longer a true random. We like to label things we are incapable of calculating as random, or supernatural…

3. guys and sweet tooth: generally girls are more known to have sweet tooth.. but of all the men i have encountered it’s actually quite the opposite.. most men i’ve met have more of a sweet tooth than me… so that says either the research/stereotype is wrong… or something is up with men these days…. XD http://www.divinecaroline.com/self/wellness/why-do-women-love-sugar-truth-about-your-sweet-tooth

**and blogs on how to handle less productive colleagues at work… and dealing with remote teams…

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