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omg.. XD i did not just have this convo

D says (night before): what you doing up so late?? moi says (next morning): ops.. sorry.. fell asleep =P D says: hehe, np pass out in front of your computer? moi says: no.. was already in bed w/ my computer.. … Continue reading

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wrong number

*ring*L: hellocaller: may i speak to Jerry xxxL: i’m sorry, wrong numbercaller: is jerry there?L: no such person here. you got the wrong number. *hangs up* two seconds later… *ring* L: helllooo? (getting the feeling that it’s the same person)caller: … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of Pier 39

so for being such a remote team, everyone at work feels that the team is loosing synergy, and management felt that we need something fun we can do together for team building… and this is what someone came up w/… … Continue reading

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想必大家都知道virginia tech 的事了…. it totally reminds me of a childhood incident… back when i was in 3rd or 4th grade… i was out on 我家阳台… 对面屋顶上出现了一个小伙子 (it’s a 2 story concrete building with a flat roof)… 可能二十多岁… 他看起来狼狈不堪… he had … Continue reading

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