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(another draft found unpublished from before) Humans are such complex beings. “Each of the 1011 (one hundred billion) neurons has on average 7,000 synaptic connections to other neurons”.  With that many different potential connections, we could share the same world … Continue reading

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random rambling of a web dev

read at your own discretion… not sure if it’s gonna provide much value… sorta wrote this in a hurry and just letting thoughts flow so things probably don’t make sense… —————————————————————————————— The tech world moves so fast that it’s a … Continue reading

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East versus West

Don’t know if there will ever be a day when the East and West within me will be at peace… the East side of me is more logical, wants security and do what makes sense…. West side of me is … Continue reading

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church events

Just discovered that I have a whole bunch of drafts i wrote up that i forgot to publish.. and here’s one of them… this is from last summer sometime.. =P ========================= for some reason (probably because there are a lot … Continue reading

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the ultimate question

is the universe truly infinite? this place we call world, why are we all here? or do we only think we’re here….  why are we here pondering about it all… why don’t the other living things care.  if we really … Continue reading

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What’s in your browser?

hmm…. ok.. maybe i’m bored.. or maybe i’m just trying to procrastinate again.. but thought of a neat idea… Firefox knows about my most frequently visited sites now that i can just type one letter, and the site i want … Continue reading

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why i don’t believe

so another piece of memory popped back in my mind today for some reason… i’ve had several encounters with Christianity, and here’s one of them… It was back in middle school, and I went with my cousin to a Friday … Continue reading

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