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random rambling of a web dev

read at your own discretion… not sure if it’s gonna provide much value… sorta wrote this in a hurry and just letting thoughts flow so things probably don’t make sense… —————————————————————————————— The tech world moves so fast that it’s a … Continue reading

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Mac versus pc

I’ve been wanting to try a Mac, and I got a Mac from work! =D it was difficult to navigate around the first few hours, but after getting used to the command key and configuring the track pad for right … Continue reading

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el-oh-el XD zt

  HOW TO: Solve cross browser compatibility issues by Steve Lambert Internet Explorer 6 – the bane of web developers everywhere. How do you create modern, standards compliant web sites for a browser that never met standards? Fix your issues … Continue reading

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What’s in your browser?

hmm…. ok.. maybe i’m bored.. or maybe i’m just trying to procrastinate again.. but thought of a neat idea… Firefox knows about my most frequently visited sites now that i can just type one letter, and the site i want … Continue reading

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How to solve information overload

so take techcruch for example…. Great site with many interesting articles, but every day it comes out with ~50 articles, how is any one suppose to have time to read them all, or figure out which ones are of interest.  … Continue reading

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the migration

so window live spaces just turned wordpress today… for better or for worse.. i think mostly for better… live spaces is a pretty lame app.. and i ❤ WP.. very nice open source platform.. very well designed and powerful.. although … Continue reading

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social web? overrated?

is it me or the more social the web gets, more asocial real life gets.. you can chat on the wall online all you want, but nothing beats old friends sitting down together having a cup of coffee and chatting … Continue reading

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