I don’t understand why when people ask others for favors, it can be so mindless…

i think when you try asking for favors it’s only when you can absolutely handle it yourself, and you try to make it as easy as possible for the person helping you right?

for example from a friend’s situation. she was asked to give someone a ride to the airport. If i were that person, i would have considered taxi, public transportation, parking at airport above asking friend to give me a ride.  if all of those are absolutely out of my budget and reason, then i’d consider asking family or friend. but even then i’d make it as easy as possible for them. i.e. find someone who lives close to me, try to drive to their place. but this person in the example i gave above asked the friend to drive all over the bay to pick up things, cook her dinner.  I have similar stories too, but won’t list them here.

Maybe I’m the weird one here? maybe friendship is about helping each other out. i mean… after all it really is no big deal to spend a day to make life easier for another friend. maybe that’s why my life is so difficult… because i’m trying to just take everything on myself… but i don’t want to make my life easier on the expense of making someone else’s life difficult. so what’s the trade off here? if my life is easier by 100% and other people’s life more difficult by 5%, maybe it’s a valid request for favor?

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