on giving the right apology..

i have so many blog entries to post…. XD … a lot of them is just sitting as draft or topic on my laptop…


guys a lot of times feel obligated to apologize.. but i think you have to apologize for the right reasons.. It’s nice if guys own up to it, be the bigger person, and always initiate the apology. but i think it doesn’t hurt for either man or woman to apologize first, as long as you’re earnest and not just trying to gloss over the issue, and use it as a quick fix.
there is no need to apologize and take responsibility for the whole incident.. but apologize for what you could have done better to prevent the conflict.. for example… apologize for saying something you didn’t mean, and hurting another person’s feelings. and the other party likewise apologize for what they could have done better. accusations and labeling is bad… i believe no one meant to be malicious in a relationship, a lot of times it’s caused by miscommunication or differences in values and priorities. if it’s bad communication you’d need to talk to get to an understanding. if it’s differences in values and priorities, then need to get each other to understand not necessarily agree but understand the differences, and talk about mitigation plan. if there are ways to live w/ the diff value, or some way to meet half way, then great. if not, probably time to reconsider the relationship… otherwise the same issue is going to come up over and over again and magnified bigger every time.


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