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wongfu on KTSF news =)


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i miss baltimore…

strangely… ever since i visited that city 2 years ago.. i’ve been thinking about it off and on… it’s got to be my favorite city out of all the ones i visited in the US so far… reasons   1. … Continue reading

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These are sooo cute/funny.. have to read!!!

 visit these links:    tnx to D 4 passing the link along… =)   Here are some samples:   AP testing week is rather stressful and tiring, so I asked my mom if I could take Tuesday … Continue reading

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up up and away…

How many people have died on Half Dome? There have been more than 20 deaths on Half Dome itself, and if you count the trail leading up to Half Dome, the number leaps to more than 60. People have died … Continue reading

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america, you suck!

ok… so before i start.. i just want to make a disclaimer that i’m not an american idol fanatic… i do like music, and i like the show. but it’s not something that i would volunteerly follow closely if it … Continue reading

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人类是一种矛盾的动物。。。。 就像盯着一包麦当劳的ketchup,很想就那么打开吃, 却又觉得恶心。。。   没看懂没关系。。。

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0:)s & >:(~>s 2nd try

so that title is suppose to say Angels and Demons.. not sure if you got that… =P   i think the title "Angels and Demons" is a bit inadequate for the story… there are plenty of angle statues.. but where are … Continue reading

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