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another english cover of chinese song

although this is because this particular artist was releasing his album in china… seems like there are a lot more collaboration internationally in the music and film industry than known…..  art is a common language, and boundless…  hope to see … Continue reading

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刚看完<<一夜未了情>>, 因为女主角是李小冉!=D 有点惋惜加悲伤的结局。。。但是当丹阳告诉顾婷苏东因为剧烈运动而需要加止痛药量的时候,俺还是忍不住笑了。。。对不起,俺太不厚道了。。。 但是如果你明白他所谓的剧烈运动为何,你应该也会觉得很郁闷吧。。。 其实这电影题材不错,拍摄也还好,就是男女主角都有点太白痴了,也有点太煽情。。。 大家都莫名其妙得死了,剧情发展得不够好。 可以看看,但是不要期望惊天动地。。。

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English Covers of Chinese Songs

There are plenty Chinese covers of English songs, but not the other way around. Still waiting for the day when Asian music has a bigger influence, and more internationally known. 张学友 Jacky Cheung’s classic 吻别 was covered by a British … Continue reading

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我觉得男生都好自信哦。。。动不动都能给自己的长相评个好, 甚至很好。。。俺真的不能苟同啊。。。但至少有自信是件好事对吧。。。-_-||| 呵呵。。

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just posting this here, so i don’t lose it 淡淡的喜 浅浅的悲 微微得笑 轻轻得哭 平平的路 缓缓得走 辽阔的天 广泛的地 澎湃的海 连绵的山 渺小的我 悸动的心 Rough translation: a touch of joy, a drop of sorrow, a gentle smile a soft cry, a flat road, a … Continue reading

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I am very much annoyed with the circulation of “Why Chinese Mothers are superior” excerpt from amy chua’s book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”. Just because she’s an idiot, doesn’t mean she should drag the rest of the Chinese … Continue reading

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jay chou concert

it was such an unique experience counting down to new year at the concert with Jay Chou. i think the reason why jay is famous is more than his music.. also his attitude… not too gangsta.. but not a goody … Continue reading

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